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Executive Coaching & Team Development

Our coaches promise a safe spaceto listennot to judgeconfidentialityat every meeting.

What our clients think of our coaching

Locus Partnership

Unlock Potential

How do you lead through difficulties?
How do you sustain success?
How do you have difficult conversations?

LP coaches can unlock your leadership potential through bespoke coaching and leadership plans.
We hone in to achieve measurable results for you, and drive you to achieve your full leadership potential. 

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Locus Partnership

Our coaches

Our Coaches will support you to:
 - Strategically navigate challenges to achieve goals
 - Use evidenced based tools for effective self-  
 - Further challenge & develop E.I. to optimise strategy
 - Transition from fixed to a flexible, dynamic thinking
 - Reach higher levels of measurable success 

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Locus Partnership

Our Community

Locus Partnership is developing a community to: 
  - Network with likeminded peer coaches
  - Evolve, develop & hone coaching techniques 
  - Keep up to date with best practice
  - Access advanced digital tools for coaching
  - Participate in continuous development programmes 
  - Access specialist resources

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Locus Partnership

Our Content

Access to content developed & shared by LP:
 - Coaching tools - to support your practice
 - A moment to think - to inspire and act
 - QuickWins - learn techniques and tips
 - Webinars & Training for CPD
 - Knowledge & Skills Framework for Coaching

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Locus Partnership


 - Do you find yourself questioning your value/ impact/ effectiveness?
 - Have you become so reactive and busy that you can't find time to think strategically?

Our Coaches clarify, challenge, guide & energise you; reinvigorating your thinking, strategy and purpose, they will deliver on mutually agreed goals.

A survey of 100 executives showed the average ROI of executive coaching was almost 6x its cost (International Coaching Federation).

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Email us for a complimentary executive coaching chemistry session or take one of the coaching exercises to connect with one of our coaches


1- Executive Coaching Programmes 
Accessible to all; includes Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Mentoring, Mediation, Restorative Work, and Team Coaching

  • At Locus Partnership you will access bespoke programmes for your needs (Coaching, Mentoring, Restorative Mediation,  Reflection and Team Dynamics).
  • You will set your own goals, pertinent to your situation and your need; based on your demands, challenges, or performance indicators which you will dictate.
  • You will be able to see, measure, and report the impact/benefit foryou and your organisation. This can support your future growth as an impactful and dynamic leader, and inspire confidence from your team or clients.
  • You will work in a safe, confidential, creative, high challenge/high support approach to further develop you, and to encourage confidence, direction and growth.
  • You will discover abilities you may not have seen in yourself, and have the confidence and courage to lead forwards in to the as yet unknown future potential for you, and for your business/organisation
At Locus Partnership you as a coachee will get:-
A safe, non-judgemental space to sound out ideas, future plan, concerns, barriers, difficult working relationships that can block thought processes and stifle success.

At Locus Partnership you as a coachee will have:-
The opportunity to achieve optimal success through strategy, dynamic leadership, diplomatic & clear negotiating skills, and effective change management.  

At Locus Partnership we as Executive Coaches will:-
Pair you with an executive coach to manage areas such as:
- Communicating difficult messages to the board/teams/individuals
- Obstacles ahead
- Career change/retirement
- Public speaking
- Coping with difficult behaviour successfully
- Reflective thinking
- Working well within/ coping with/negotiating exits from unsupportive work places.

You will get systemic coaching programmes to identify and develop bespoke plans to fit you, your needs, your goals.

Our Goal at Locus Partnership is:
 - To clarify/ direct/ understand your specific situations and opportunities. 

 - To reinvigorates you, amplify your motivation, and deliver the best version of you.
 - For you to achieve excellence with results that are clear, with effective leadership in practice, and gaining professional credibility.

2 - Coaching Community
Open to Professional Coaches

As well as delivering Executive Coaching, Locus Partnership offers a place for likeminded coaches to join together as a peer network.

Our goal at Locus Partnership is: 
 - To give you a safe place to learn, debate, develop, support, access reflective supervision, and be accountable for high standards of professional practice within coaching.
- You will receive access to training, insights into building your business, supervision forums, and peer support

3- LP Coaching  Content
Level 1 resources are free for all to access; Level 2 & 3 require professional subscriptions

Locus Partnership works to provide content for the professional coaching community, and those accessing coaching themselves.
We use a selection of media to do this and we continue to challenge the reality of applying the evidence based principles in the complexity of competing demands in your work environment.
You will find answers to the question 'So what does this mean to you?'. 

Our goals at Locus Partnership are:
 - To keep current practice developing
 - To standardise coaching practice through a measurable framework of skills and knowledge
 - To create opportunities, resources and training
 - To examine and reflect how to apply theory to practice 

There are 2 further levels of access for Professional Coaches should they wish to becaome a paid member. this allows more access to digital tools, webinars, resources to support work, and Knowledge and Skills accreditations. For details please see 'Our Content' within the 'About Us' tab.

Executive Coaching

We help you:
 - Unlock your full potential
 - Achieve dynamic leadership
 - Analyse business strategy
 - Make a difference

Coaching Community

Content for All

Access to Learning resources:
 - Personal discovery
 - Discussions and learning
 - Thinking Moments
 - Quick Wins
 - Learning from peers
 - Webinars 
 - Reflective Cycles
 - LP Knowledge and Skills

Locus partnership

Locus Partnership was created by a group of Executive Coaches while training for their ILM7 (Mastrer's leve diploma) in Executive Coaching.

The principle of Locus Partnership is to provide quality coaching to clients, and then to support fellow executive coaches in their development, via peer networking, ongoing progressive content, business tips for new coaches as they start working and as they start their own businesses, digital apps and tools, a Knowledge and Skills Framework, and a place to reflect and access supervision.

Our Clients

Our clients often come looking for personal, professional development (for themselves or for their team/organisation). 

They can feel professionally stuck, perhaps doubting the value of their contribution. 

Often they are not sure of what they need, but realise that they need help and structure within a professional, safe, challenging but supportive place, in order to achieve the best outcomes. and progression.